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Sending Your First Sympathy Flowers? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Jeremy Clark

Losing someone like a close relative is the last thing you want to experience because it's usually an inexplicable loss and is painful. Actually, no words can help you make grieving less unbearable. Death is still one of the most dreadful and inevitable adversaries for everyone. When you lose a loved one, you definitely want to communicate your feelings for them in the most effective and memorable way. You also want to register your condolences to the family in the best way possible. In this case, sending sympathy flowers is often more meaningful, particularly if you won't manage to be with them during the funeral. But if you aren't familiar with these types of flowers, ask yourself the following questions to make your work easier.

Why Are These Flowers So Important?

Some people send sympathy flowers to the bereaved, while others send cards. Usually, different people send them for various reasons. For instance, you can send them based on how you relate with the deceased or their family. You could also do so if they had asked you to do it. In most cases, sympathy flowers are sent immediately after receiving the sad news of their demise. However, you could also do so later if you have challenges sending them at that time. By sending these flowers, you greatly comfort the deceased's family.

Which Ones Should You Send?

Although you can find various flower types in the market, don't assume that all can serve as sympathy flowers. In most cases, roses, lilies, and gladioli play a significant role when sent for sympathy. However, this doesn't mean you should just look for these flowers. If the deceased has a strong affection for other flowers, you could look for them. Different flowers mean different things. Where possible, ensure you choose sympathy flowers that express lasting friendship, innocence, purity, and love. In case you are stuck, please consult with a florist because they know more about these flowers and could also help you arrange them.

Where Should You Send Them?

Typically, sympathy flowers are different from funeral flowers. Most people send funeral flowers to a funeral home, others to the crematorium, and still others to the church. Secondly, the deceased's family selects the flowers themselves and decides on their arrangement. On the contrary, sympathy flowers are mainly sent to the bereaved or deceased's home to comfort the family. In case you worked together with the deceased, you could send the flowers to their office, mainly while on compassionate leave. 

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